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E440-plastic cable drag chain/cable carrier
Product information
Quick Details
Type:E440-plastic cable drag chain/Double link drag chain
Place of Origin: Shandong, China (Mainland)
Brand Name: HT
Model Number: HT-E440
Material: PA66 engineering polyamide(Nylon) BASF PA
Function: Minimize downtime, protect, support and extend the service life of cables and hoses.
Tensile strength: 180n/smm
Structure:   Open from  the both sides
Impact strength: 50KJ/SM
Temperature range: -40-130 centi-degree
Water absorption: 4%
Friction factor: 0.3                           
 Flame resistance: HB(UL94)
Payment Terms: L/C,T/T,Western Union 
Packaging & Delivery
Packaging Details:
Three layers corrugated carton,or as per  clients' requirements
Delivery Detail:Generally within one week
Features & benefits
 Snap-open Energy Chain/Double link drag chain
Smallest interior dimensions
Dirt-repellent exterior
Very lightweight
Typical applications:
Machinery, in general
Model making/Electronics
Automatic doors/Pick-and-place robots
Vehicles/ Measuring equipment
SpecificationInner Height Inner WidthOuter HeightOuter WidthBending RadiusPitchOrder No.
 1.57(40mm)1.97(50mm)2.40(61mm)3.15(80mm)  E44050
 1.57(40mm)2.36(60mm)2.40(61mm)3.54(90mm)  E44060
 1.57(40mm)2.95(75mm)2.40(61mm)4.13(105mm)  E44075
 1.57(40mm)3.15(80mm)2.40(61mm)4.33(110mm)  E44080
 1.57(40mm)3.54(90mm)2.40(61mm)4.72(120mm)  E44090
 1.57(40mm)3.94(100mm)2.40(61mm)5.12(130mm)  E44010
 1.57(40mm)4.33(110mm)2.40(61mm)5.51(140mm)  E44011
E440 Series1.57(40mm)4.92(125mm)2.40(61mm)6.10(155mm)2.95-11.813.31E44012
 1.57(40mm)5.91(150mm)2.40(61mm)7.09(180mm)  E44015
 1.57(40mm)6.89(175mm)2.40(61mm)8.07(205mm)  E44017
 1.57(40mm)7.87(200mm)2.40(61mm)9.06(230mm)  E44020
 1.57(40mm)9.84(250mm)2.40(61mm)11.02(280mm)  E44025
 1.57(40mm)11.81(300mm)2.40(61mm)12.99(330mm)  E44030
 1.57(40mm)13.78(350mm)2.40(61mm)14.96(380mm)  E44035




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