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Announcements: The Increase of Raw material prices have some impact on cable drag chain Telescopic Metal Way Covers--New Type

- Cable Conduit
Metallic Drag Chain
Plastic Drag Chain
Electric Flexible Conduit
Rectangular Flexible Conduit
Conduit Connector
- Bellows and Machine Covers
Roll-Up Covers
Flexible Apron Covers
Telescopic Springs
Telescopic Metal Way Cover
Nylon Bellow Cover
- Working Lamp
JL Series Halogen Working Lamp
JY Series Fluorescent Lamp
JB Series Incandescent Lamp
- Flexible Coolant Pipe Hose
3/8“ PT Threaded Round Nozzle Flexible Water Oil Coolant Pipe
1/2“ PT Thread Flat Nozzle Flexible Plastic Water Oil Coolant Pipe Hose
6mm Nozzle Inner Diameter Adjustable Coolant Oil Water Hose Pipe
- Wiper System
Way Wipers

Flexible galvanized metal conduit
Flexible galvanized metal conduit
Material:Galvanizedsteelstrip Characteristics:Lighterandsofter,highflexibility Usagefiled:Protectingtheelectricalwireandcablefromwater.
PVC coated flexible metal conduit/hose
PVC coated flexible metal conduit/hose
Material:Galvanizedsteelstrip Characteristics:Lightweight,waterproofandinsulation.Highflexible,fireproofPVCcoated.
Explosion Proof Flexible Conduit
Explosion Proof Flexible Conduit
Characteristics 1.Ithasexcellentperformanceofwaterproof,insulationandtensileproperty. 2.Thecounter-lockstructureprovideapowerfultensileresistance,hardtobreakanddeform.
plastic flexible conduit
plastic flexible conduit
easyinstallationandretrofitting Non-deformationunderhightemperature Strongresistanceagainstchemicalcorrosion
PE Flexible conduit/hose
PE Flexible conduit/hose
Environmental protection polyamide flexible conduit
Environmental protection polyamide flexible conduit
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